Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson issued the statement below following the passage of a plan to address K-12 funding:

“It was a relief on Tuesday to see Senate Republicans finally relent and bring a plan to keep our promise to Washington’s one million school kids to the floor for a vote.

“However, let’s be clear – this is the bipartisan plan, not the Democratic plan. The Democratic plan would have gone farther. Our plan would have addressed inequities in our schools and committed the legislature to relieve the stress that an unfair and imbalanced levy system puts on poorer schools.

“This moves us forward – but only barely. This keeps us talking and that is very important.

“There’s so much more work to be done on education. We need to address the teacher shortage, the opportunity gap and numerous other issues to fulfill our promise to our kids.

“It’s good that this step is complete, but let’s not forget the rest of the journey.”