Today I received a letter signed by 19 Senate Republicans asking that I join them in their crusade against the Washington State Supreme Court.

“My response to their letter is this: Please join Senate Democrats, the House of Representatives, the Governor, all nine Supreme Court Justices, Washington’s one million school kids, their parents and teachers and let’s all work together to fully fund education in our state.

“I don’t care what Senate Republicans think of the Court’s order. Neither do kids who continue to move through our K-12 system in crumbling schools. Neither do teachers who have to leave the profession they love because they can’t afford to feed their families. Neither do parents who send their kids to overcrowded schools and classrooms year after year.

“The one and only thing any of us should care about is fixing these issues and fixing them now.

“We’ve made great strides in funding education. But we have more to do and all any of us should care about is how we are going to finish the job and provide every kid in this state with a great education. That should always be our focus no matter what the Court says or does.

“Let’s come together as a legislature and a state to finish the job. Kids, parents and teachers deserve nothing less and have already waited too long.”