“I applaud the governor for this decision. Washingtonians believe our state should be a leader in the fight against climate change and this move reinforces that position.

“The facts are clear. Climate change is real. Carbon emissions from human activities are causing it.  And putting a hard cap on emissions is a big, necessary step in the right direction, but we must continue to do more.

“I continue to be disappointed in the false choice presented by Senate Republicans who continue to deny the science of climate change in the face of irrefutable proof. Washingtonians deserve clean air and safe roads and bridges – they can have both.

“The poison pill insisted on by Senate Republicans as part of the transportation plan prevents the governor from adopting low carbon fuel standards. If he does, critical transportation projects don’t get funded.  Instead of buying into this false choice being proposed by the Republicans – safe roads or healthy communities – the governor chose both.

“I am proud of the decision made by the governor today supporting our state’s commitment toward combatting climate change despite opposition from a vocal minority and their oil industry allies.”