Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson released the statement below following the State House’s passage of the Voting Rights Act on Thursday:

“Our colleagues in the House continue to pursue ideas that will have a positive and lasting impact on people and communities throughout our state.

“On Tuesday the House voted to raise our state’s minimum wage as well as ensure that moms and dads will no longer have to choose between sick children or a paycheck. These fantastic policies will have lasting impacts on hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians.

“The message from the House was clear – ‘we stand on the side of working families.’

“Now, by passing the Washington Voting Rights Act, the House has sent another clear message – ‘we stand on the side of fairness and on the right side of history.’

“I hope the Senate will follow this example. I was disappointed that when presented with an opportunity to pass the Senate’s version of the VRA on Wednesday, Republicans stood in the way.

“The minimum wage, paid sick leave and now the Voting Rights Act are policies people throughout our state demand.

“I’m calling on the Republican-controlled Senate to take up these critical matters so that this body, too, can have a hand in making things better for millions of Washingtonians.”