My first year as 30th District state senator has focused on three priorities: the education of our children, access to adequate health care, and transportation in and around our 30th District communities. Here are highlights of those efforts during the 2019 legislative session. (For more information on a topic, simply click on the bill number)

We improved educational opportunities at all levels

  • Increased K-12 funding and local levy flexibility (SB 5313)
  • Passed anti-bullying legislation to keep kids safe (SB 5689)
  • Expanded access to child care and early learning (HB 1344, SB 5437, SB 5089 , HB 1391)
  • Improved student learning and pathways to graduation (HB 1599)
  • Expanded tuition grants for limited-income households. (SB 2158)
  • Explored educational options to reduce recidivism. (SB 5433)

We addressed people’s primary concern: health care

  • Created a public option for health care insurance (SB 5526).
  • Protected Washingtonians against federal health cuts (HB 1870)
  • Created nation’s first long-term health care program (HB 1087)
  • Passed multiple strategies to address the opioid crisis (SB 5380)
  • Created Indian Health Advisory Council (SB 5415).
  • Protected patients from “surprise billing” fees (SB 1065)
  • Required transparency in prescription drug costs (HB 1224)
  • Improved care by ensuring nurses receive rest breaks (SB 1155)
  • Protected public against measles outbreaks (HB 1638)

We funded transportation projects and airport research

  • Accelerated Gateway project on SR 509 and SR 167 (SB 5825).
  • Adding lanes to I-405, extending express lanes on SR 167 south.
  • Studying lower toll rate options along SR 509 and I-405.
  • Created a commission to find site for a new airport (SB 5370)