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This Monday marked the beginning of the 2020 legislative session, and our work is in full swing for this short, 60-day session. These short sessions occur in even-numbered years and can often feel like a sprint to the finish line with the entire legislative process condensed into only eight weeks.  As of this newsletter I have 13 live bills.

I-976’s effects on transportation funding

Unfortunately, in this short session we’re faced with increased budget challenges after the passage of Initiative 976, which slashes voter-approved transportation funding. Prior to its passage, the state’s transportation funding stream already could not keep up with the demand for maintenance, preservation, safety and projects.

Link train travels through a raised platform as passengers wait to board.

The passage of I-976 is devastating for our transportation funding across the state. We will do our best to mitigate the worst impacts to public transit and critical projects, but things will get worse before they get better in transportation.

My committee work this session

 As vice chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, I’ll be working with my colleagues to sort out those new budget challenges caused by I-976.

At the same time, I will continue to work to advance green transportation measures like a clean fuels standard (SB 5412) and an improved zero emission vehicles program (SB 5811).

I am also on the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee, where this session we’ll build on our advances in worker protections over the last two years. I’ve introduced SB 5717, which would provide secure scheduling for employees of big retail and food service establishments.  I’ve also introduced a domestic workers’ bill of rights (SB 6247), and a bill to update Unemployment Insurance good cause to cover working parents who lose work because of a lack of childcare or responsibilities of caring for a vulnerable adult (SB 5473).

Sen. Conway, Sen. Saldaña, and Sen. Wellman in a hearing of the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee.

Three of my bills had hearings Thursday, and you can watch the hearings here:

SB 5473: Unemployment Insurance. Jan 16, 2020 Senate Labor & Commerce Committee

SB 5412: Clean Fuels Standard. Jan 16, 2020 Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee

SB 5164: Assistance to human trafficking victims. Jan 16, 2020 Senate Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee

On the Senate Housing Stability and Affordability Committee, my colleagues and I will be looking for ways to address the human rights crisis of homelessness that currently faces our state.

Do you have a story about rent, just cause, or challenges getting into housing? Where do you see hope for housing issues happening? Your experiences will help me make better policy during this short session.

Meet my team

This session I have a fantastic team, made up of my legislative assistant, Coco Chang, session aide Yvette Maganya, and intern Alondra De La Cruz. They are helping me answer your calls, emails and meeting requests.  Please reach out to our office with your concerns about legislation at 360-786-7688 or send an email to

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