June 22, 2017

Starting Saturday!

Community Conversations

This Saturday, I hope you’ll join me as I launch a summer Community Conversations series. We will  discuss how we can make life in the 37th Legislative District more affordable while still making critical investments that ensure everyone in our community has opportunities to thrive.

  • Saturday, June 24 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Redwing Café in Rainier Beach.
  • Friday, July 28 – Time and place coming soon.
  • Saturday, July 29 – Time and place coming soon.
  • Sunday, July 30 – Time and place coming soon.

Republican Shutdown Looms

On July 1, our state government could shutdown for the first time in history.

For months, the Senate Republican majority has refused to participate in comprehensive budget negotiations. Although progress has been made in certain issue areas, Republican negotiators have taken a “my way or the highway” approach to some of the toughest challenges we face. This is especially true with regards to the revenue necessary to pay for schools and essential services. Republicans have insisted on a property tax only solution, which would increase the cost of living for working families in Seattle while adding little new money to our schools. This is unacceptable.

Washington has the most upside-down tax system in the nation, and we cannot continue to cut essential services and overburden only low and middle-income families in order to balance the budget. A shutdown would be devastating to Washingtonians across our state, hurting families, kids, workers and the most vulnerable. In our district alone, some 3,700 families could suddenly be without child care just as school lets out.

Republicans need to share Democrats’ sense of urgency and help us solve this problem now.

Call lawmakers at


to share your views on the budget and possible government shutdown.

Read All About It

Senate budget is wrong approach on both sides of the Cascades

I recently had an op-ed published about the Senate Republicans plan to raise property taxes statewide.

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Republicans move to cut family planning

A Senate colleague recently published an op-ed about Senate Republicans’ move to cut essential family planning funding for thousands of Washington women and families.

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