OLYMPIA — With Democrats controlling both the Senate and House for the first time in five years, the Legislature finished on time and passed a budget plan that will cut property taxes, fully fund our children’s education, dramatically expand mental health programs for those struggling most, and provide full college financial aid for the first time.

“Last year’s final budget barely avoided a government shutdown and enacted the largest property tax increase in state history,” said Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island. “The new Democratic Majority is making sure we reduce the Republican property tax while making an historic investment in our children’s education, free college, and protections for the environment, mental health and much more. Today, we have a budget that reflects our core Democratic values and provides badly needed tax relief to middle-class families across the state.

“We fully fund our children’s education in a thoughtful way that finally meets the McCleary lawsuit. We invest $130 million in special education and dramatically increase opportunities for foster and homeless children. We provide free college for low income families, making sure all children — no matter their parent’s income — can go to college.

“Additionally, our capital budget invests in our communities in north Puget Sound, providing additional dollars to strengthen families, educate our children and connect us to nature, ultimately making our communities stronger.

“We worked tirelessly through the 60-day session for our communities. This was by far one of the busiest, but most productive, sessions in Olympia. I am inspired and energized by the incredible accomplishments we’ve made in this short session. Washington state is showing the nation what progressive leadership can accomplish, and we’re not done yet.”