OLYMPIA — Senate Democrats today passed Senate Bill 6614 to reduce property taxes by nearly $400 million. The state’s revenues are healthy, and middle class families deserve a statewide property tax cut to give households relief from the massive Republican property tax increase that passed in 2017.

“Democrats had significant concerns last year with the Republican proposal to fund schools through the increase insisted upon by the Republican,” said Sen. Kevin Ranker. “Last year’s final budget barely avoided a government shutdown and reflected our core Democratic values. Unfortunately, however, it relied upon the single largest property tax increase in state history. Now the new Democratic Majority is making sure we reduce that significant tax increase and provide real tax relief to middle class families, while making an historic investment in our children’s education.”

This legislation reduces the calendar year 2019 state property tax rate by nearly $400 million statewide, providing much needed relief for Washington families. The bill will go to the House for further consideration.