OLYMPIA — The state Senate honored the Western Washington University Women’s Soccer team today by passing a resolution recognizing their outstanding season and NCAA Division II championship.

“The Western Women’s Soccer team exemplified what it means to be student-athletes by achieving both academic and athletic success in the 2016 season. It is an honor to recognize their national championship for the state of Washington,” said Sen. Ranker, D-Orcas Island and the sponsor of Senate Resolution 8657.

“The players and staff are really looking forward to our trip to Olympia to celebrate the national championship with the Legislature,” said Head Coach Travis Connell, who appeared in the Senate chamber with the team and staff. “This was not accomplished by one person alone. This was a collaborative effort that included our team, our university and our state. It is fitting that we will be celebrating it together. ”

“Earning a national championship in team sports requires a unified team effort, hard work and determination; something the Legislature should emulate in our own work,” said Ranker. “The team’s accomplishments and sportsmanship on the national stage is a point of pride for the university, alumni and communities throughout Washington. The entire state congratulates them and wishes them the best of luck defending their championship next season.”