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    Ranker disappointed Senate Republicans refuse to negotiate final budget

Ranker disappointed Senate Republicans refuse to negotiate final budget

April 22nd, 2017|

OLYMPIA — Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, released this statement today after Gov. Inslee said he would call the Legislature back for a special session beginning on Monday, April 24.

“The Legislature has not come to a compromise on the operating budget, leaving schools, our most vulnerable, local communities and thousands of state workers in doubt for critical state funds. We need to work together to find a solution for education funding and the entire state operating budget.

“Unfortunately, the Senate Republican leaders have literally refused to negotiate. Worse, they seem to have no interest to meet us at the table to finish on time.

“In the end, Republicans do not have support from Democrats for their $5.5 billion property tax increase, and Democrats do not have support from Republicans for our proposal. Now is the time to seriously get to work and begin thoughtful negotiations on a compromise budget.

“We need leadership, not politicking. We need to finish what the people sent us here to do, negotiate in good faith and pass a final, go-home budget that will fully fund our children’s future and the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Ranker, Senate honor WWU women’s soccer champs

April 20th, 2017|

OLYMPIA — The state Senate honored the Western Washington University Women’s Soccer team today by passing a resolution recognizing their outstanding season and NCAA Division II championship.

“The Western Women’s Soccer team exemplified what it means to be student-athletes by achieving both academic and athletic success in the 2016 season. It is an honor to recognize their national championship for the state of Washington,” said Sen. Ranker, D-Orcas Island and the sponsor of Senate Resolution 8657.

“The players and staff are really looking forward to our trip to Olympia to celebrate the national championship with the Legislature,” said Head Coach Travis Connell, who appeared in the Senate chamber with the team and staff. “This was not accomplished by one person alone. This was a collaborative effort that included our team, our university and our state. It is fitting that we will be celebrating it together. ”

“Earning a national championship in team sports requires a unified team effort, hard work and determination; something the Legislature should emulate in our own work,” said Ranker. “The team’s accomplishments and sportsmanship on the national stage is a point of pride for the university, alumni and communities throughout Washington. The entire state congratulates them and wishes them the best of luck defending their championship next season.”

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    Ranker: the Senate must act to ensure online transparency and consumer protection

Ranker: the Senate must act to ensure online transparency and consumer protection

April 19th, 2017|

OLYMPIA — Following the Washington state House of Representatives passing SHB 2200, protecting internet privacy, with a vote of 87-10, sponsor of the Senate version SB 5919, Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, released the following statement:

“People expect their online, personal information to be kept private and protected. With a lack of leadership in D.C. and uncertainty of any federal action in the near future, the state must step in to keep consumer’s information safe.

“Legislators from across the aisle of both chambers hear the public outcry over Congress’ recent actions to make personal data available for sale; the state Senate must now do its part and act on this legislation to ensure online transparency and consumer protection.

“The bill clearly requires opt-in approval for consumer information to be used, sold or accessed for profit and ensures specific customer information is protected under the Consumer Protection Act.”

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    Ranker outdoor early learning pilot passes House, heads to Governor for signature

Ranker outdoor early learning pilot passes House, heads to Governor for signature

April 7th, 2017|

OLYMPIA — Sen. Ranker’s bill to start a four-year pilot program for outdoor early learning passed the House of Representatives today and is on its way to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

“This bill will help children get outside at an early age, letting them learn and thrive outdoors while preparing for their future,” Ranker said. “We’re giving existing programs the opportunity to become fully licensed, full-time programs, allowing children to learn and explore in the environment around them.”
Senate Bill 5357 will pilot all-day, outdoor preschool. Based on a Scandinavian model, educators lead children through exploration and hands-on learning for hours a day, entirely outside. The pilot puts these in-demand programs in Washington on track to offer full-day programs.

“Early learning outdoor programs are a great way for families struggling to afford childcare to get their children into the outdoors with exceptional science and early education to improve their learning and become stewards of the environment,” said Ranker.

Ranker introduces Washington Internet Privacy Act

April 4th, 2017|

OLYMPIA — Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, introduced Senate Bill 5919, known as the Washington Internet Privacy Act, following a vote of Congress to suspend FCC rules protecting internet privacy. Sen. Ranker released this statement:

“The Trump administration and Congress may not have any regard for American’s internet privacy but in Washington state, we can ensure internet customers are safe. We value free and open access to information and clear transparency and privacy of our online activity.

“So much of our daily lives now depend on the internet — paying bills, making appointments, purchasing products and discovering new information. With a total lack of leadership in DC, it is critical that we protect Washingtonians privacy here at home.

“The recent action by Congress to suspend FCC rules means that internet providers can save and sell your online activity, including financial and medical health information, to the highest bidder. This bill ensures we protect Washingtonians privacy. It will block internet providers’ ability to collect identifiable, personal information without the customer’s permission.”