Ranker chosen as number-one Democrat on Senate budget

December 21st, 2016|

OLYMPIA — Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, has been chosen by his colleagues to serve as the lead Democrat in the Senate responsible for Washington state’s $42 billion operating budget.

“This is an incredible honor and a trust, Ranker said.  “I look forward to helping develop a budget that gives our children the incredible education they deserve while providing critical resources for other important services such as taking care of our most vulnerable citizens, supporting our universities and colleges, and protecting our natural resources. The choices we make throughout the budget determine the makeup and health of our communities.”

In recent years, Ranker has been the number-two Democrat on the budget, or one of two Democrats entrusted to negotiate the budget each year with Senate Republicans.

In addition to becoming the Ranking Member of the Senate Ways & Means Committee, Ranker will continue to serve on the Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee.

Though these actions are not official until voted on by the full Senate when the Legislature convenes in January, Ranker’s selection for these positions this week by his colleagues renders the final action more or less a formality.