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    Hundreds turn out to offer solutions in fight against greenhouse gas emissions

Hundreds turn out to offer solutions in fight against greenhouse gas emissions

October 24th, 2013|

SEATTLE – Well over 500 people gathered in Seattle on Wednesday night to offer suggestions, solutions and what the state’s priorities should be in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

The Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup (CLEW) held the second of three public hearings so that the public had a chance to voice their opinion on this global concern.

Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, said he was pleased with the level of participation and enthusiasm by those in attendance saying, “I think 12 year-old Zoe said it best, ‘You adults must get your act together, because when you’re gone, I’ll still be here!’”

The CLEW Workgroup, which was established through SB 5802, which Ranker prime sponsored in 2013, includes Democrats and Republicans from both the House and Senate, is tasked with recommending a course of action and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that, if implemented, would achieve the state’s emission reduction limits set by the 2008 legislature. Ranker sent a letter of his own recommendations to the Workgroup last week regarding how to achieve this goal.

Following Wednesday’s meeting, Ranker said he was optimistic that bipartisan solutions can be reached to combat this universal issue, but added that if the legislature does not act, the people must.

“I can’t overstate how encouraged I am after listening to person after person testify about the severity of this problem and the dire need to find a solution,” he said. “The people who came here tonight offered some very compelling ideas and some equally achievable solutions to a problem that in one way or another impacts us all. It is my sincere hope that we will listen and take bold actions to lead the world with regard to addressing climate change. And if we don’t… we should be held accountable and the people should lead.”

Of the nearly hundred people who testified, only four testified in opposition to taking action.

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    Washington Conservation Voters name Ranker 2013 Legislator of the Year

Washington Conservation Voters name Ranker 2013 Legislator of the Year

October 2nd, 2013|

Seattle – Washington Conservation Voters, the political voice for the environment, today awarded State Senator Kevin Ranker (D-40) its highest honor by naming him the 2013 “Legislator of the Year.”  Senator Ranker was bestowed this award for his outstanding leadership during and following the 2013 Legislative Session.

“Senator Ranker was instrumental in stopping dozens upon dozens of environmental rollbacks and spearheading efforts that would protect our environment and aggressively tackle climate change,” said WCV Executive Director Brendon Cechovic, “He was our most effective champion and we can always count on him to stand up for our communities and a healthy environment.”

Highlights from the 2013 Legislative Session include:

? As prime sponsor, Senator Ranker worked with Governor Inslee to pass the new Governor’s first significant bill to address climate change and has been a strong voice for carbon reduction as a member of the Climate Legislative Executive Workgroup.

? Senator Ranker led the effort to defeat over a dozen attempts to severely weaken I-937, the Clean Energy Initiative, which to date has helped generate over $8 billion in renewable energy and green jobs in Washington State.

? He defended the Model Toxics Control Account (MTCA), the state’s most effective program for cleaning up toxics waste sites, preventing future toxic sites, and empowering local communities facing toxic threats.

? As the Senate Democrats’ leader for Natural Resource budget items, Senator Ranker successfully navigated budget negotiations to secure an unprecedented level of funding for programs to restore Puget Sound, reduce toxic stormwater runoff, and promote recreation.

“As the ranking minority member on the Senate Environment Committee, it was Senator Ranker who stepped up to block the Majority Caucus’ anti-environmental agenda time and time again this past session,” said WCV State Lobbyist Clifford Traisman.

Upon hearing the announcement, Senator Ranker was honored to receive the news.  He responded, “A healthy environment is critical for not only our natural and recreational resources, but the thousands of jobs that depend upon them in Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan Counties, and throughout our great state.  I’m proud to work alongside WCV to tackle the many challenges we face like dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, cleaning up Puget Sound, and creating a new clean energy future for all Washingtonians.”


Legislator of the Year is WCV’s highest honor, awarded to one state legislator each year. Senator Ranker will be featured at Washington Conservation Voters’ Annual Breakfast on Thursday, October 10th.

For interviews, contact Sen. Kevin Ranker at (360) 786-7678

For more information, contact Aaron Wasser at (360) 786-7333