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    Sen. Ranker: “Attorney General’s opinion a victory for equal access to health care options”

Sen. Ranker: “Attorney General’s opinion a victory for equal access to health care options”

August 22nd, 2013|

Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, released the statement below in response to the Attorney General’s opinion regarding health care access provided by public hospital districts:

“From the very start of this process, my concern with the issue of hospital mergers has been whether or not women in our state would continue to have access to the full range of health care options afforded to them by law.

“This opinion clarifies that women served by public hospital districts in our state should and will continue to have those options regardless of the organization – religious or otherwise – delivering those services, if the district provides any other maternity care.

“The Attorney General’s opinion reaffirms what voters intended when they approved I-120; that when the state provides benefits, services and information to women intending to carry a pregnancy to term, the state also must provide substantially equivalent benefits, services and information to those women who chose to terminate a pregnancy.

“Women and their families who are served by the more than 50 public hospital districts in the state will continue to have the assurance they can exercise their legal reproductive rights.

“We are all proud of our state’s history of respecting an individual’s right to access the health care services that are most appropriate for them and their families. This opinion reaffirms that right.”

Ranker town hall focuses on education, environment, transportation

August 22nd, 2013|


Sen. Kevin Ranker took part in a town hall-style event Monday, speaking with about 30 people for more than two hours about a wide-range of topics ranging from education, the environment and transportation.

Village Books in the Fairhaven neighborhood in Bellingham hosted the event entitled “Legislator in Your Bookstore.” Ranker provided an overview of the 2013 legislative session, which saw a slim Republican Majority in the Senate prolong a budget battle into two special sessions and a near catastrophic shutdown of state government services.

Ranker answered questions about his priorities and the priorities of his fellow Democrats. Legislation that would have protected women’s health care options, give aspiring citizens a better chance at going to college and reduce gun violence were all obstructed by the one-vote GOP majority.

A fair amount of time was also spent discussing environmental and transportation priorities, including the attempt to build a new bridge to replace the aging Columbia River Crossing.

“I’d like to thank Village Books and everyone that came out to ask questions and listen about the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2013 session,” Ranker said. “Every time I participate in something like this I’m filled with optimism that the majority of Washingtonians are engaged in the process and understand that they have a huge stake in the outcome.”

Sen. Ranker to participate in “Legislator in your Bookstore” event in Bellingham

August 7th, 2013|

Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island will participate in a "Legislator in your Bookstore" event on Aug. 19 at Village Books in Bellingham’s Fairhaven Neighborhood.

The two hour question and answer session will begin at 5:30 p.m. during which time Sen. Ranker hopes to cover a variety of hot topics from the 2013 legislative session such as education, the environment, health care, public safety, the budget and any other issues of concern to the community and the state.

WHAT: Sen. Kevin Ranker at “Legislator in your Bookstore” event

WHERE: Village Books

1200 11th St.

Bellingham, WA 98225


WHEN: August 19

TIME: 5:30-7:30 p.m.