Friends, neighbors— 

Having completed week number five of session, we’re officially more than halfway to the finish line of our 60-day short session! This week, the House and Senate were both on the floor full-time, debating bills and sending them to the other chamber to start working their way through the process over there. It’s been a full, wonderful week of work, so here are five highlights from every day of the week to show you what we’ve been up to: 

skhs flag

On Monday…

I was visited by some #wolves from South Kitsap High School, my very own alma mater! School board directors from the Peninsula, Bremerton, and South Kitsap School Districts dropped by my office to talk about how the legislature can work with high schools in the state to make sure every student has the support and access to resources that they need to finish high school strong. Extra credit goes to SKSD Director Eric Gattenby for bringing along the famous SKHS flag, which has traveled the globe with him to places like South Africa, China, and Washington, D.C.! This flag has now added the Washington State Capitol to its ranks, and if you’d like to see the most well-traveled flag in the state, drop by my office – I have it on our wall! 

united way pierce

On Tuesday…

An awesome group of advocates from the United Way of Pierce County stopped in. I have so much admiration for these folks – they dedicate their time and energy to tackling our community’s toughest challenges, and they came to talk to me about how the state can support struggling families in Pierce County with more readily available resources, including South Sound 211, a free community hotline that connects folks to critical services related to everything from rent assistance to tax preparation services. I love getting to meet up with constituents doing such good work. It’s an honor to stand alongside them in partnership against poverty, working toward a shared value: helping people thrive. 

wilson randall hug

On Wednesday…

Full-time floor action started! I am absolutely thrilled to share that my bill to establish an LGBTQ veteran coordinator passed with incredible bipartisan support. This piece of legislation has been over a year in the making. It’s something I have been committed to since I joined the Senate. This bill is a product of dozens of conversations with military friends, family, and neighbors who’ve been asking for a veteran coordinator that is dedicated to connecting LGBTQ vets to the resources they deserve, and so often go without. Read more about it here! 

darneille lovelett randall suffrage flag

On Thursday…

We celebrated the powerful, lasting legacy of women who fought for suffrage. Because of those who made their voices loud and clear to advocate for the right to vote, women now have a seat at the policymaking table. Though it took decades for women – all women – to receive this precious right, we honor the movement of inclusion and equity that paved the way for us. It was my privilege to hold the symbol of the women’s suffrage flag alongside my friends Sen. Darneille and Sen. Lovelett as we celebrated the steps toward a more robust democracy that we’ve made – and continue to make – as a state and as a nation. 

Sen Randall in wings

On Friday…

We were debating bills on the floor nearly all day, which meant we got to send some amazing legislation over to the House. One of the highlights included a data privacy bill (SB 6281) that bolsters consumers’ access to and control over their personal data held by companies. It gives Washingtonians the tools to determine how their personal data is used and shared. That includes the right to know who is using their data and why,  the right to delete certain personal data, and the right to opt out of the processing of data. The act also requires companies – like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook – to disclose data management policies in order to increase transparency and establishes limits on the commercial use of facial recognition technology. I was proud to support a bill that puts Washingtonians and their right to their own data first!

My week in Olympia

I believe in transparency, and I want to keep you all informed about what I’m doing on behalf of the 26th District in Olympia. That’s why I’m making a practice of posting my calendar here each week on Facebook, and have launched an Instagram account (@senatoremilyrandall) to give you more in-the-moment updates.

Keep in touch

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