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Friends, neighbors— 

As of today, we have hit our first important deadline: policy cutoff. That means that we’ve introduced the last new bills of the 2020 session, and now we’ll begin to move the best of these bills along in the process. I’m excited that we’re going to be able to keep discussing and moving so many important pieces of legislation to remove barriers to higher education, cut costs in health care, make life easier for our military members and their families, and promote the well-being of our K-12 kiddos. 

Speaking of kiddos—I had so many fun visits from our young activists and advocates this week, and I want to highlight them and their priorities today. After all, these young people are tomorrow’s leaders, teachers, healers, peace-keepers. I love seeing them at the legislature using their voices, plugging their communities, and building a movement. This one’s for them! 

kiddo asking q

Kiddos tackle the capitol

A handful of school groups from schools in my district – like East Port Orchard Elementary, Hidden Creek Elementary, and a Puget Sound-wide group of homeschoolers – have visited Olympia on field trips, and I always try to duck off the floor or out of committee to swing by and chat with them. Our students are so eager to learn – and brimming with excellent questions! The educators and parents chaperoning my young constituents watch with pride and encouragement as students share their policy concerns and ask questions about the legislative process. It’s clear that these caring adults are doing an amazing job stoking their curiosity and empowering them to love learning. No matter where I am or what I’m doing during session, I will always do my very best to come visit these kiddos during their field trips! 

PP teen council

Teens tellin’ it like it is

A couple impressive students from South Kitsap High School and Central Kitsap High School – two fantastic schools in Kitsap County – visited me as advocates with Planned Parenthood Teen Council. These brave students shared why they support comprehensive sexual health education to help young people make the best decisions possible about their bodies, their relationships, and their futures. I’m happy to say the Senate passed the bill these students were advocating for (SB 5395) to empower and equip students with the information they need. Next step: action in the House! 

tooth fairy constituent

Tooth fairies speaking the truth

This smart cookie came to my office to voice her support for SB 5392, allowing dental therapists to train and practice across Washington. This legislation is so important because it makes things easier for highly qualified professionals in the dental profession to provide dental care, especially in areas – like ours! – where adequate dental care may be far out of reach, or too expensive. I was so proud of this tooth fairy activist for using her time and her voice to speak out for her community on this issue! 

My week in Olympia

I believe in transparency, and I want to keep you all informed about what I’m doing on behalf of the 26th District in Olympia. That’s why I’m making a practice of posting my calendar here and a week-in-review video here each week on Facebook. 

Keep in touch

We are all eager to hear from you about your priorities. I hope you’ll follow me on Facebook so you can see what we’re up to. And please feel free to reach out anytime at 360-786-7650 or Emily.Randall@leg.wa.gov. The more we hear from you, the better our work in Olympia can reflect our shared values and goals.

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