OLYMPIA – With the state’s solar incentive program set to sunset soon, the Washington State Legislature extended the program as a part of the overall budget agreement that was reached at the end of June.

Senate Bill 5939 provides clear incentives and rules to install renewable energy systems on homes, businesses and in communities.

“This bill will support thousands of jobs and promote renewable energy throughout the state,” said Sen. Guy Palumbo, D-Maltby and co-sponsor of SB 5939. “I fought hard all session long for this bill and I am proud we got it over the finish line in a bipartisan manner.”

Prior to this legislation, several utilities in the current program had reached their cap on incentive payments, resulting in reductions to existing customers and barring new customers from entering the program. Under SB 5939, the utility caps are increased so that existing customers will receive full payments and new customers will be able to join the program.

“This bill kills two birds with one stone,” said Palumbo. “Not only does it benefit our natural environment by promoting renewable energy, it also supports an entire industry of small businesses that specialize in solar energy.”

Gov. Jay Inslee signed SB 5939 into law on July 7.