OLYMPIA — Sen. Guy Palumbo, D- Maltby, issued this statement following the passage of the state’s operating budget and K-12 funding solution:

“As a legislator, I am here to represent the people of my district and ensure their voices and priorities are heard. However, it is extremely difficult to be accountable to my constituents when they are unable to provide feedback on what I am voting on.

“This year’s budget process has been a nightmare. With the threat of a government shutdown mere hours away, we produced and passed an operating budget without any public input. Not to mention, most legislators, myself included, were given only a few hours to review the budget – a document that is 620 pages long. This is unacceptable, especially when we are implementing monumental K-12 education reform that will have an impact for generations to come.

“Today I introduced legislation that requires all bills to be available 72 hours before they are brought to the floor for a final vote. This will provide adequate time for the public to review legislation and provide feedback to their representatives before a bill becomes a law.

“Next session and beyond, I will continue to work on increasing accountability and transparency in our state government. It’s the democratic thing to do and my constituents and people across the state deserve to be a part of the process, not kept in the dark.”