29 03, 2016

Senate passes reasonable budget, much still left behind

  • March 29th, 2016

Despite passage of the supplemental operating budget in the Senate on Tuesday evening, Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, says that the budget still leaves a lot behind. (TRT: 0:59) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Following the passage of a supplemental operating budget, Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson of Maury Island shared her thoughts on the $38.2 billion budget deal.

Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island: (TRT: 0:34) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “This is a […]

Sen. Jim Hargrove announces retirement after 32 years of state service

  • March 10th, 2016

After 32 years of service to the state, Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam has decided to retire. (TRT: 1:45) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


On the final day of the 2016 regular Legislative Session, Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam announced his decision to retire after more than 32 years of service to the state.

Sen. Jim Hargrove, D-Hoquiam: (TRT: 14) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “When I first came to the legislature, Cherberg was […]

Supplemental transportation budget passes Senate

  • March 8th, 2016

The Senate passed the supplemental transportation budget on Tuesday evening, 44 to 5. (TRT: 0:60) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


The Washington State Senate on Tuesday evening passed an $8.6 billion dollar Supplemental Transportation Budget that will continue to support investments to our state’s public infrastructure system. Sen. Steve Hobbs of Lake Stevens was the lead negotiator for the Senate Democrats.

Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens: (TRT: 0:18) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “This […]

Washington Voting Rights Act gains momentum

  • March 1st, 2016

Sen. Pramila Jayapal of Seattle and Sen. Cyrus Habib of Bellevue voiced their support to a packed room of supporters of the Washington State Voting Rights Act after it was moved to the Senate floor calendar on Tuesday. (TRT: 1:28) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Organizer and Group: (TRT: 0:07) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “Power to the people! With fair representation! Power to the people! With fair representation!”

A group of over 120 […]

12 02, 2016

Constitutional amendment requiring 2/3rd vote to raise taxes fails in Senate

  • February 12th, 2016

The constitutional amendment, SJR 8211, to require a 2/3rds super majority vote to raise taxes, failed on Friday in the state Senate. (TRT: 1:50) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


During the Senate’s debate on Friday of the constitutional amendment that would require a 2/3rds supermajority vote in the legislature to raise taxes, Democratic Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam detailed the different reasons voters may have approved of Initiative 1366 that passed in […]

4 02, 2016

The Bring Washington Home Act unveiled by Senate Democrats

  • February 4th, 2016

Senate Bill 6647, The Bring Washington Home Act, was unveiled on Thursday by Senate Democrats to further address the state’s rising rates of homelessness. (TRT: 2:05) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island: (TRT: :05) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “Homelessness is a crisis in this state. There isn’t a community in our state that is immune.”

Senate Democratic Leader, Sharon Nelson of Maury Island unveiled a proposal on Thursday, […]

25 01, 2016

Bill to expand access to dental care for tribal members heard in committee

  • January 25th, 2016

Sen. John McCoy, D-Tulalip, is sponsoring a bill that would allow tribal members better access to dental care. (TRT: 0:63) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


A bill heard on Monday would expand access to dental care for tribal members through the creation of dental health aide therapists. This is the 11th time that Sen. McCoy of Tulalip has sponsored similar legislation, the second time before the Senate Health Care Committee.

Sen. John McCoy, D-Tulalip: […]

20 01, 2016

Many Senate Democrats concerned about charter school debate

  • January 20th, 2016

Many Senate Democrats expressed concern over the charter school bill that passed on Wednesday. (TRT: 63) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


On Wednesday, the Washington State Senate took its first votes of the 2016 Legislative Session. Much of the day’s debate centered on a bill that would address our state’s charter schools. Sen. Andy Billig of Spokane:

Sen. Andy Billig, D-Spokane: (TRT: 12) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “Our goal with this policy that […]

Charter schools are not the only education fix of the session

  • January 12th, 2016

Two proposals to fix our state’s charter school law were heard in committee on Tuesday, however, priorities still remain focused on basic education. Sen. Andy Billig, D-Spokane is featured in the wrap. (TRT: 52) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Sen. Andy Billig of Spokane is a member of the Senate Early Learning, K-12 Education Committee and a sponsor of one proposal to help find a solution to our state’s charter schools. Sen. Billig:

Sen. […]

29 06, 2015

Senate passes 2015-17 operating budget

  • June 29th, 2015

The 2015-17 operating budget passes in the Washington State Senate. (TRT: 1:13) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.


On Monday, the Senate passed a $38.2 billion dollar biennial budget that makes much-needed investments in education, restores recession-era cuts to the safety net, and makes higher education more affordable. Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam, the lead Democratic budget negotiator, has been working to find a solution that addresses the needs of Washingtonians.

Sen. Jim Hargrove, D- […]