28 01, 2015

Gong offers symbolic reminder of rising rates of homelessness

  • January 28th, 2015

A ringing gong symbolically honors many of the homeless people counted in King County. The Homeless Student Stability Act, Senate Bill 5065, will help many of the state’s 32, 494 homeless students. (TRT: 1:29) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Sen. David Frockt of Seattle is featured in the wrap.


[Gong ring, cheering and clapping]

First Lady Trudi Inslee was the first person Wednesday to ring a gong that was rung 3,772 times – […]

21 01, 2015

Hatfield’s bill on hemp production clears Senate committee

  • January 21st, 2015

Producing industrial hemp could become legal under a bill sponsored by Sen. Brian Hatfield of Raymond. (TRT: 51) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Industrial hemp could be coming soon to fields in Washington state under a bill sponsored by Sen. Brian Hatfield of Raymond. Hemp is used to make a variety of different products including food, clothing, beauty products, building materials, and bio-fuels. Sen. Brian Hatfield:

Sen. Brian Hatfield, D-Raymond: (TRT: 10 )

Hargrove, Blake working with state officials to assist flooding cleanup

  • January 20th, 2015

Sen. Jim Hargrove, D-Hoquiam, and Rep. Brian Blake, D-Aberdeen, are working to help their community after flooding, mudslides and culvert washouts due to historic rains. (TRT: 1:33) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD



Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam and Rep. Brian Blake of Aberdeen are working closely with state and local officials to secure assistance for cleanup and repair efforts following historic rains that caused flooding, mudslides and culvert washouts across western Washington earlier […]

19 01, 2015

Life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. honored in state Senate

  • January 19th, 2015

The life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was honored in the Washington State Senate on Monday. (TRT: 1:01) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


While many people had Monday off of work and school as a holiday, the Washington State Senate took some time to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sen. Bob Hasegawa of Seattle:

Sen. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle: (TRT: 24 ) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: […]

14 01, 2015

Legislation aims to reduce barriers to housing

  • January 14th, 2015

Four legislative proposals aim to increase access to quality housing for renters in Washington State. (TRT: 1:23) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


On Wednesday, four proposals were unveiled to help eliminate barriers and increase access to quality housing, especially among renters. One of the proposals sponsored by Sen. David Frockt of Seattle would make it possible to use one tenant screening check for a period of 30-days to help lower tenant screening costs.

Sen. […]

12 01, 2015

First day of session, many priorities to address

  • January 12th, 2015

Monday – Jan. 12, 2015, marked the first day of the Legislative Session in Olympia. Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, shared some priorities of the Senate Democratic Caucus. (TRT: 44) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson of Maury Island shared a few priorities of the Senate Democratic Caucus that she hopes will be addressed during the 64th Legislative Session.

Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island: (TRT: 26 ) […]

Cleveland proposes bi-state transportation mega project safeguards

  • January 9th, 2015

Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, announced on Friday that safeguards may be coming to future bi-state transportation mega projects. (TRT:53) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Washington State Sen. Annette Cleveland unveiled three bills she will propose during the coming legislative session that are aimed at safeguarding any future bi-state transportation projects – especially a replacement for the antiquated I-5 bridge.

Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver: (TRT: 21 ) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “Before we can begin any […]

Work session focuses on financial institutions and marijuana

  • November 20th, 2014

The Senate Financial Institutions, Housing and Insurance Committee discussed the difficulties between federal and state laws regarding marijuana and financial institutions. (TRT: 1:06) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Currently, the recreational marijuana industry in Washington state is cash only and major credit cards are not accepted forms of payment. Banks and credit lenders are caught in between federal and state laws regarding marijuana. Sen. Mark Mullet of Issaquah is the Senate Financial Institutions, […]

19 11, 2014

Democrats hold work session on retirement preparedness

  • April 8th, 2014

State Democratic legislators held a work session on Tuesday to shine light onto the considerable and growing problem of retirement insecurity in our state and in our country (TRT: 1:12) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Staggeringly, a majority of Americans nationwide have less than $10,000 in savings and a third of working people say they have even less than that saved for retirement. Sen. Steve Conway of South Tacoma led Tuesday’s work session […]