Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, issued the statement below following the passage of three bills that expand women’s healthcare options:
• the Reproductive Parity Act (Senate Bill 6219)
• Senate Bill 5912 concerning insurance coverage of three-dimensional mammography
• Senate Bill 5084 providing women with timely information about their breast health
“Today we made a statement that a woman should have complete control of her reproductive destiny. These rights are constantly under attack, especially at this moment in our nation’s history.”
“Washingtonians have long considered themselves leaders when it comes to granting access to women’s healthcare, and the state Senate is continuing that tradition.”
“In recent years, we’ve made great strides in detecting breast cancer and other medical conditions that affect women. All women should have access to these procedures so that they can make informed decisions about their health. We have the technology to detect cancer early and save lives, so we should use it.”