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E-News 2015: No Challenge Too Great

January 27th, 2015|

2015: No Challenge Too



Legislative Update from Senator Sharon Nelson

January 27, 2015

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With a New Year comes renewed hopes, goals and best of all – a new legislative session!

I have been back in Olympia for two weeks already and thought I would take the opportunity to update you on what is going on as 2015 gets underway.

No Challenge Too Great

There is a lot to do in this 105-day session, but I believe with hard work and compromise there is no reason we can’t get it all done. We often hear about political divisiveness in this day and age, but the truth is, compromise happens all the time in state government. Unfortunately, it is still too often that significant ideological differences get in the way of finding solutions to our biggest challenges. In 2015, those challenges include:

1)    Writing the state budget for the next two years;

2)    Fulfilling our obligation to fully fund education; and

3)    Passing a transportation revenue package.

That is a tall order – but I believe each challenge we face has a solution as long as we prioritize people over politics, and look for solutions that get to the root of our funding challenges. As session goes on and negotiations get further underway, I will continue to update you on each of these major challenges. In the meantime, if you would like to read more about how I believe the Legislature should meet its education funding needs this session, please click here.


Sick and Safe Leave for Washington Families

January not only means a New Year and new legislative session, it also means flu season is here. Every year in our state, thousands of parents must make the difficult choice between putting food on the table and staying home with a sick child. I am proud to have co-sponsored Senate Bill 5306this year, which would ensure everyone receives some time off sick for themselves or their loved ones.

 No one should be faced with going to work sick or sending a sick child to school – but this isn’t just a matter of fairness, it is also a matter of public health. People without paid sick days, many of whom work in the service industry, are forced to go to work where they risk spreading illnesses that can be deadly to vulnerable populations like children and the elderly. Ensuring sick and safe leave for all workers in our state is a small but significant first step to helping ease some of the burden on working families, and helping Washingtonians stay healthy.

Oil Trains

Oil Transportation Safety

The oil transportation landscape in Washington and around the country is rapidly changing. Just three years ago, virtually no crude oil was being shipped by rail through our state. In 2014, we saw trains carrying roughly 7.8 million gallons of crude oil through Washington every day.

 The risks this increase in oil transportation poses to our communities and economy are very real. Just last week, a pipeline in Montana burst spilling tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil into the Yellowstone River. A similar spill in the Columbia River or Puget Sound is unthinkable, and would cause extensive damage not only to our environment but to the industries that rely on it, like agriculture and fishing. A bill introduced at the start of this session would grant public access to basic information, like the routes of travel and types of oil moving through Washington (Senate Bill 5087). This information would help first responders plan for spills and keep their communities safe.

Senate Floor

It will be a pivotal year in Olympia, and I rely on your input to make sure our state is steered in the right direction – so please stay in touch! And as always, thank you for subscribing to my e-newsletters.

 Take Care,

 Senator Sharon Nelson

34th Legislative District

Nelson and House Leader Sullivan on big issues for 2015

January 26th, 2015|

AUDIO: First day of 2015 Session

January 20th, 2015|

Monday – Jan. 12, 2015, marked the first day of the Legislative Session in Olympia. Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, shared some priorities of the Senate Democratic Caucus. (TRT: 44) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson of Maury Island shared a few priorities of the Senate Democratic Caucus that she hopes will be addressed during the 64th Legislative Session.

Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island: (TRT: 26 ) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “Well, our top priority is making sure that our budget, which is our most important document… that we are funding education for our children but also funding families. And that means looking at additional investments in early childhood education, higher education, making sure we protect programs for our foster children. They are the children of this state. And, also protect public safety. We operate prisons and we’ve gotta make sure that we fund the needs there.”

The Washington State Senate convened on Monday for the first day of the 105-day session.