Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, assistant ranking member on the Senate Ways & Means Committee, released the following statement on the House budget proposal:

“The budget presented today is a budget that reflects democratic values and I believe the values of those in our state. It is a significant compromise to what was originally proposed by both the House and the Senate.

“We heard our Republican colleagues when they called for no new taxes; this budget recognizes their concerns. The proposal laid out today would cut taxes for 144,000 businesses in our state and help fulfill our obligation to two court cases. The Bracken decision requires that we make a technical correction to the way we tax wealthy estates so that money can be allocated to education. We would also make a significant down payment on the McCleary decision and the Legislature’s obligation to invest in basic education. When we invest in our kids, we invest in our future.

“With just six days left before the clock runs out on special session, House Democrats recognized that something must be done to put us on a path toward passing a budget. I would like to thank Gov. Inslee and Lt. Gov. Owen for working with us and encouraging us to move forward in this process.

“I look forward to continuing the budget process to help move our state forward.”