Today the Washington State Senate honored the Seattle Raging Grannies, a group of wise women who use song, dance and humor to promote global peace, social and economic equality.

"I am very proud to welcome and honor this group of extraordinary women," said Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Seattle, who sponsored Senate Resolution 8629 in recognition of the group’s contributions. "These women understand the importance of protecting the vulnerable, working to improve their conditions and conserving the environment for future generations."

The group works to raise awareness and challenges its audiences to help bring about social change to end economic oppression, especially for women and children, and to end racial inequality, environmental destruction, human rights violations and arms proliferation.

"Their blend of old songs with new lyrics that mirror the policies, personalities and current issues is one-of-a-kind and brings a fresh perspective on so many of the challenges we face as a state, nation and world," said Nelson.

The Seattle Raging Grannies model themselves after the Canadian Raging Grannies and began in Olympia in 1996. This year their activism has focused on preventing climate change. In a special performance after their resolution, they performed their new song, "Radical Environmentalists."