Refusal to take vote kills critical bill to protect environment, kids

February 22nd, 2013|

Sen. Sharon Nelson, D- Maury Island, issued the following statement after Senate Republicans in the Energy, Environment and Telecommunications committee refused to take a vote on SB 5181 which would require the removal of toxic chemicals from common household items.

“I was hopeful that we would be able to come together to protect the environment, our children and our loved ones from incredibly toxic flame retardants which are known to cause cancer and other medical problems.

“This bill had bipartisan support and at least deserved to have a vote and a chance in our committee. As a grandma-to-be I am very concerned for our children, who are most vulnerable to toxic chemicals as they are growing and developing.

“Just last week after hearing testimony on this bill we heard encouraging remarks from the chair of the committee when he stated that, ‘we’ll be working very hard to move this bill forward during this legislative session and try to work it out of committee this next week.’ Apparently that was not the case.

“Senate Republicans failed their constituents and the people of Washington by denying this bill a vote.”