Dear friends and neighbors,

Often in my newsletters, I inform you of community improvement projects soon to come or still pending funding. Today I am happy to report that one of these projects has completed the trip from idea to reality.

Earlier this month, contractors finished paving the access road to the High Point trailhead at Tiger Mountain. They also added new striping to the road and improved the previously poorly marked car stalls. This is a major upgrade to the previous access point which was riddled with potholes and limited accessibility.

During the 2015 legislative session, I secured funding in the capital budget for this project and I am proud to see it finally completed.

Our district is blessed with one of the most beautiful natural environments in the state. During the 2018 legislative session, I will continue to fight to secure funding for these types of quality-of-life improvements to maintain and expand our ability to enjoy our region’s natural beauty. See you on the trail!

New majority, new responsibilities

Democrats gained a one-seat majority in the Senate after winning a special election in the 45th Legislative District. As a result, I will shift leadership roles and become the chair of the Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee. Previously, I served as the lead Democrat. Now, as the chair, I will direct the agenda and guide the policy for this committee.

Additionally, I will continue to serve on the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education and Health Care committees, and I’ve gained a new position on the Senate Ways & Means Committee.

Thank you for your engagement,