OLYMPIA- In recognition of their 20th state championship, Tahoma High School’s “We the People” team was honored on Wednesday by the Washington State Senate with a resolution sponsored by Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah and Sen. Joe Fain, R-Auburn.

“Every time these students visit my office, I am energized by their enthusiasm for civic education,” said Mullet. “Their passion for the subject matter is so impressive.”

In April, the team will represent the state of Washington at the 30th anniversary “We the People” Finals in Washington D.C. In 2016, Tahoma finished ninth in the nation. Tahoma has now advanced teams to the top ten in the nation four times.

“Having previously served as a judge for the We the People competition I continue to be amazed by the students’ depth of knowledge of our constitution,” said Fain. ”Now more than ever we need young people to be civically engaged in order to set an example not only for their peers, but for the entire community.”

“We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution” is a national civics education program that has had more than 28 million student participants since the program’s creation in 1987.

This year’s students honored in the resolution include Zoe Brown, Noah Casey, Jessica Davies, Jonathan Feher, David Ferrer, Jandrea Grobbelaar, Makaila Heifner, Lydia Kropelnicki, Kieran Lowe, Michelle McLoughlin, Rosella Miller, Calista Moore, Taylor Murrey, Cameron Musard, Amber Neathery, Ryan Nelson, Jared Perrine, James Riordan, Peter Seely, Matthew Simmons, Everett Wall, Benjamin Weaver and Tierra Wilson.