The Washington Senate Members of Color Caucus (MOCC) envisions a state that recognizes that our strength is rooted in our diversity, a state that is committed to creating equal opportunitie for all including political representation for people of color and dedicates itself to advancing racial equity throughout the legislative process.

The mission of the Washington Senate Members of Color Caucus is to advocate for policies that advance the priorities of communities of color across Washington, remove institutional barriers that people of color face, create coalitions across racial lines, and increase civic participation and representation in all levels of government.

Members of Color of the Washington State Senate come from, and identify with, communities that are underrepresented in the legislative process.  We understand that our voices as their Senators in those struggles are amplified when we join them together for the common benefit of all our communities, and our State.  Our objective is to:

  • Fight for equity in economic, employment, and other opportunities for communities of color.
  • Create policy rooted in racial equity and justice.
  • Fight against racism, bigotry, and hate.
  • Protect the civil rights of everyone regardless of immigration status.
  • Create a support system for members, staff, interns of color and allies that work at the legislature.
  • Mentor all elected officials of color at every level of government.


African Americans who served in the WA State Senate

Seattle Times – 1970

“Twenty years ago we had one Black representative. Twenty years later we still have one and that’s tokenism. And all this time the Senate has remained lily white.” – Sen. George Fleming

– Sen. George Feming

Seattle Times – 1982

BlackPast profile of former Sen. Rosa Franklin

PLU profile of former Sen. Rosa Franklin