Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Yesterday we worked late into the night as we debated the Senate Republicans’ budget proposal to guide the state’s spending over the next two years. When the bill finally came to the floor for a vote around midnight, I joined all my Democratic colleagues in voting “no” on a GOP proposal that fails to amply fund our public schools and will make life harder for Washingtonians who already struggle to make ends meet.

Because the Republicans have a slim majority in the Senate, they had just enough votes to move their budget forward. The closer you look at this budget, however, it be-comes clear that this is a property tax plan impersonating as a K-12 education plan for our 1.1 million schoolchildren. The plan makes our already unfair tax system even worse, picking winners and losers from our communities. Some school districts would actually see less financial support than they would under the current system while at the same time paying higher property taxes.

We eagerly await the release of the House proposal early next week. Our task in Olympia this year is to make a generational change in education funding, eventually offering a world-class education to all of the 1.1 million students in our state. We re-main committed to that task.

Please click below to watch my latest video update where I discuss the Senate Republican proposal.

I’ll have another update in the coming weeks as we get a better picture of the competing budget proposals and how we move forward toward a final solution. Thank you for the privilege to serve you here in Olympia and please don’t hesitate to contact my office and please connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Senator John McCoy
Phone: 360.786.7674