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Because of election year restrictions, I will be unable to update my website beginning May 14. However, my office will remain open so if you need to contact me or my staff, please call my district office at (425) 334-2092. My office is located at:
Lake Stevens Fire
1825 South Lake Stevens Rd.
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

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    Sen. Hobbs talks about tax cuts, school funding and investments in Snohomish County

Sen. Hobbs talks about tax cuts, school funding and investments in Snohomish County

Click here to read Sen. Steve Hobbs 2018 newsletter. In it, the senator talks about many of the accomplishments of Senate Democrats during the 2018 legislative session, including property tax cuts, job creation, school funding and transportation investments.

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Sen. Hobbs’ office will remain open during his deployment

Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, a member of the Washington National Guard, was selected from a pool of candidates to deploy to Estonia as part of the Army’s Military Reserve Exchange Program.

Sen. Hobbs’ service begins next month and will keep him away for a few weeks while fulfilling his obligation to the National Guard. In his place, Jennifer Smolen, Hobbs’ Legislative Assistant will be available to answer questions, take on casework, and assist constituents in the 44th Legislative District on a wide variety of issues.

“It is an honor to serve my country and our communities in Washington state,” Hobbs said. “I am excited to take on this challenge and to build stronger relationships with our NATO allies.”

Military Reserve Exchange Program is a coordinated international exchange program with NATO militaries to help develop cultural understanding, regional expertise and language proficiency and interoperability. Military members complete their annual training serving in duty assignments similar to their wartime assignments while gaining the understanding of the training, doctrine and operations of NATO alliance partners.

Hobbs enlisted in the Army in 1987 and joined the National Guard in 2006. He is a veteran of the conflicts in Iraq and Kosovo.
Constituents can reach Hobbs’ Lake Stevens office by calling (425) 334-2092.

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    Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Mill Creek win big in transportation budget

Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Mill Creek win big in transportation budget

As a life-long resident of Snohomish County, Sen. Steve Hobbs, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, said he has a unique viewpoint among legislators when it comes to the transportation needs of his community.

We are the fastest growing areas of the state and because of that, our transportation needs are changing and growing rapidly,” Hobbs said. “This budget reflects the ever-changing landscape of our community and I feel helps set the stage for our bright economic future. We are growing and our roads, bridges and transit options must reflect that growth.”

Below is a breakdown of the transportation investments included in the 2018 Supplemental Transportation budget around Snohomish County:

Mill Creek, 35th Ave.: A stretch of approximately 1,000 feet – running from 141st Street SE and 144th Street SE – continues to settle. Hobbs ensured $500,000 to reconstruct that stretch of roadway on a pin pile-supported slab that will prevent and future settlement. The City of Mill Creek reports the design phase of this project is 95 percent complete.

Lake Stevens/Snohomish, US 2 Trestle: A $2 million investment is the next step toward replacement of the trestle. It’s targeted at addressing the state and federal environmental impacts of replacement and clears another barrier toward alleviating one of the most frustrating traffic bottlenecks in the state.

Lake Stevens, Bike/Pedestrian Path: An investment of $1.3 million is made for a 3,200 foot bike and pedestrian path in South Lake Stevens which will connect to Centennial Trail. This investment is targeted toward increasing safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. This will also improve safety particularly for school kids from nearby Glenwood Elementary and Cavelero Mid-High.

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Legislature passes 2018 Transportation budget

OLYMPIA – Modest but critical investments in Washington’s ferry system, State Patrol and a creative effort at congestion relief highlight the 2018 supplemental transportation budget passed today.

The bill, which received broad bipartisan support, now awaits the governor’s signature.

“These targeted investments will have a lasting impact throughout Washington,” said Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “Since we passed the Connecting Washington package three years ago, our state has begun to address its transportation infrastructure needs in a very meaningful way. This budget takes another big step in the right direction.”

The transportation budget provides an increase of $826 million over the enacted 2017-19 transportation budget. Much of the increase is a result of re-appropriated funds to continue Connecting Washington projects passed in 2015.

“This is a bipartisan budget that moves Washington forward,” said House transportation chair Judy Clibborn, D-Mercer Island. “Our transportation system only works when it connects each of our districts and each part of the state. This budget makes those connections and builds bridges between us.”

Many of the investments are focused on ferries. That includes $600,000 to begin the process of converting three Jumbo Mark II class ferry vessels – the Puyallup, Tacoma and Wenatchee – from diesel to hybrid electric.

The budget also invests $2 million in the M/V Hyak to maintain service and fleet capacity while the M/V Tokitae and M/V Samish are out of service for warrantied repairs.

An investment of $4.4 million is made in state trooper basic training, which is expected to help the State Patrol reach its authorized trooper staffing level of 672 by the end of next year.

With the goal of maintaining current roads, $10 million was included for highway preservation work. Additionally, funding was provided for right-of-way cleanup equipment to ensure the safety of drivers on I-5.

Due to the expected increase in demand for enhanced driver’s licenses as a result of the implementation of REAL ID, the budget provides the Department of Licensing with $28 million for increased hours at certain locations and to make equipment and technology upgrades to reduce wait times.

Finally, a pilot project to incentivize Washington businesses to encourage employees to use ride-sharing public transportation and other emission-reducing methods to commute will receive $1 million. The pilot will begin in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties and will allow participating businesses to apply for a 50 percent rebate on the cost of an employee transit pass, including an ORCA card. You can read more about the project here.

“Through new investments and the continuing benefits of the Connecting Washington transportation package, every corner of our state is seeing the impact transportation investments make,” Hobbs said. “This is the best of both worlds – we are making needed improvements to our existing infrastructure while looking toward the future to build a 21st century transportation system that is clean and sustainable.”

For more details and additional projects included in the 2018 supplemental transportation budget, click here.

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Hobbs selected chair of Senate Transportation Committee

OLYMPIA – Sen. Steve Hobbs on Monday was selected chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.

Hobbs has served as the lead Democrat on the Transportation Committee since 2014. The Lake Stevens lawmaker was a key architect of the transportation infrastructure investment package and for years has delivered transportation improvement projects throughout Snohomish County.

“I’m humbled by this opportunity and excited to continue my work on behalf of Snohomish County and the entire state,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs will also continue serving on the Senate’s Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee as well as the Energy, Environment & Technology Committee.

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    Hobbs: Monumental day for students, teachers and health care access

Hobbs: Monumental day for students, teachers and health care access

Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, issued the statement below following the passage of the McCleary school funding plan which included language adding classified school employees and other professional staff into a new health care program, the School Employee Benefit Board.

“For many of the men and women who work in our schools, health care costs are a burden, one that presents the awful choice between a doctor and a mortgage, or a doctor and putting food on the table.

“For young teachers and for the men and women who work right alongside our teachers – bus drivers, lunch room workers, para-educators and others – health care costs are unaffordable. These people serve a critical role in every school across our state. Despite this, these people have endured an inefficient, unfair and above all else – unaffordable – health care system for themselves and their families.

“But now, they will soon have one system. It will be fair and it will be affordable. These people work hard for our kids every single day. They deserve a fair system that works for them and works for their family and their kids. This is the right thing to do.

“The fact that this legislation comes as part of the single largest investment in our students and teachers in the history of our state is icing on the cake. I was proud to vote yes on a plan that will put $7.3 billion in schools across Washington in teachers, special education and additional investments in low-income students.

“I am a parent of three boys, one of which has graduated from our public schools and two more who soon will. Today I’m most pleased for the work we have done on behalf of all the students, all the teachers and all the parents who will soon send their children to schools that truly provide a world-class education for every kid.”

For more information on the issue facing classified school employees, click here.

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Road, safety improvements coming to region

Investments in transportation projects throughout Snohomish County and areas throughout the region were included as part of the transportation budget that cleared the Senate last week.

“Our region is one of the fastest growing in the state and our infrastructure must keep up with our communities,” said Sen. Steve Hobbs, the lead Democratic transportation budget writer. “With these investments, we will keep our corner of the state moving, our economy thriving and our families safe.”

Investments in bike and pedestrian projects, safe routes to schools, and improvements to transportation infrastructure throughout the county and surrounding areas are included in the transportation budget.

Here’s a closer look at the project list:

Region wide: $250,000 is provided solely for a voluntary pilot program to expand public private partnership CTR incentives to make measurable reductions in off-peak, weekend and non-work trips. Ridesharing may be integrated into grant proposals. The department shall prioritize grant applications that focus on the I-90 or I-405 corridors. $250,000

Edmonds: Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector. Funding to begin Edmonds Waterfront Connector. Constructs a 16-foot wide single lane access that connects Edmonds Street to the Edmonds waterfront by going over the BNSF railroad tracks. Will allow ferry off-loading and on-loading to occur during blockages of the City’s two at-grade crossings. Provide 24-7 access to the waterfront for emergency response vehicles and provides better access for non-motorized users to get to the City’s waterfront parks and other attraction. $700,000

Edmonds: SR 99 Revitalization. Advances $1 million from 21-23 to 17-19 for the start of the project. $1M

Lake Stevens: 91st Ave. SE & 4th St. SE improvements. Project includes sidewalk, Americans with Disabilities Act curb ramps, striping, signs, bike lane, curb, gutter, planter strip and retaining walls. $466,500

Lake Stevens: SR 9/4th St. NE Access project. Will help the interchange better accommodate peak-hour traffic and reduce clogging and lineups of vehicles/freight; Will better accommodate multi-modal trips, improvements, and connections. $420,000

Lake Stevens: US 2 Trestle. Funding for a study that details a cost estimate for replacing the westbound U.S. 2 Trestle and recommends a series of financing options to address that cost and to satisfy debt service requirements. The committee shall complete the study and submit a final report and recommendations to the transportation committees of the legislature, including recommendations on statutory changes needed to implement available financing options, by December 1, 2017. $100,000

Lake Stevens: US 2 Trestle. Re-channelization of existing westbound roadway system to provide a priority bypass route for HOV and transit trips. $1.8M

Marysville: Centennial Trail Connector. Phase III to construct the remaining one-mile of paved asphalt trail from 84th St. NE north to connect to the regional Centennial Trail system. $500,000

Mill Creek: 35th St. Improvement Project. 35th Avenue SE is a three lane minor arterial that carries approximately 15,000 vehicles per day. The road was widened by Snohomish County in 2003 by using lightweight fill on top of a large peat deposit, and has been continually settling since annexation by the City in 2005. $4.0 million was included in the 2015 State Transportation funding package for the City of Mill Creek for the reconstruction of 35th Avenue SE between 144th Street SE and 141st Street SE.  $750,000

Mill Creek: SR 527 Pedestrian Safety Project (The Parker & Quincy Memorial Pathway) To construct sidewalks along SR 527 from the Seattle Hill Road intersection to the 180th Street SE intersection, and to install a traffic signal and crosswalk near Seattle Hill Road and SR 527 in Bothell. $800,000

Maltby: SR 522 Paradise Rd. Community Outreach and Practical Design for SR 522 Paradise Road Interchange and Widening. $750,000

Snohomish: 2nd St. Pedestrian and Bicycle improvements. Design-only project includes 90 percent design for curb extensions, pedestrian refuge islands, bike routes and realigned parking. $323,000

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Lake Stevens wins big in Capital Budget

Two projects – one designed to keep up with Lake Stevens’ growing population and the other to ensure Snohomish County kids have a place to go – were funded in the state’s Capital Budget, Sen. Steve Hobbs announced Thursday.

The Lake Stevens Civic Center project received a huge boost with $3.1 million in funding. This is on top of an initial $309,000 investment in last year’s supplemental state budget. The project is scheduled to be completed in June 2019.

Hobbs also worked to secure a $120,000 grant for the expansion of the Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club to include a new 2,000 square foot Teen Center. There are currently 2,124 members of the Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club, 24 percent of which are teenagers.

“Lake Stevens is one of the fastest growing communities in Snohomish County and we need to make sure that funding and our facilities keep up with that fact,” Hobbs said. “The Civic Center will be the centerpiece of downtown Lake Stevens for years to come and a hub of civic engagement and economic activity.

“Just as important is investing in our kids,” Hobbs added. “Providing teenagers with mentors and a place to go will foster their positive development and a brighter future for us all.”

The Capital Budget is scheduled to be voted off the Senate floor today.

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    Hobbs’ bill helps National Guard members access to higher education

Hobbs’ bill helps National Guard members access to higher education

A bill to bring parity to all branches of the Armed Forces when it comes to full access to college tuition received unanimous support Friday.

Senate Bill 5826, sponsored by Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, ensures that all military members – including the men and women of the National Guard – have full access to higher education.

“Our citizen soldiers serve our country overseas and run towards disasters and calamities here at home,” said Hobbs, a National Guard member himself and veteran of the conflicts in Iraq and Kosovo. “This bill simply ensures that they too have the same full access to higher education as their counterparts in other branches of our military.”

The bill clarifies a law that had previously denied two members of the National Guard tuition waivers. The bill clarifies the language to make sure no National Guard members encounter similar problems in the future.

“The National Guard is always on a rotational basis with deployment,” Hobbs said. “This bill gives these members peace of mind while they are stationed at home.”

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