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Lake Stevens wins big in Capital Budget

March 30th, 2017|

Two projects – one designed to keep up with Lake Stevens’ growing population and the other to ensure Snohomish County kids have a place to go – were funded in the state’s Capital Budget, Sen. Steve Hobbs announced Thursday.

The Lake Stevens Civic Center project received a huge boost with $3.1 million in funding. This is on top of an initial $309,000 investment in last year’s supplemental state budget. The project is scheduled to be completed in June 2019.

Hobbs also worked to secure a $120,000 grant for the expansion of the Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club to include a new 2,000 square foot Teen Center. There are currently 2,124 members of the Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club, 24 percent of which are teenagers.

“Lake Stevens is one of the fastest growing communities in Snohomish County and we need to make sure that funding and our facilities keep up with that fact,” Hobbs said. “The Civic Center will be the centerpiece of downtown Lake Stevens for years to come and a hub of civic engagement and economic activity.

“Just as important is investing in our kids,” Hobbs added. “Providing teenagers with mentors and a place to go will foster their positive development and a brighter future for us all.”

The Capital Budget is scheduled to be voted off the Senate floor today.

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    Hobbs’ bill helps National Guard members access to higher education

Hobbs’ bill helps National Guard members access to higher education

March 3rd, 2017|

A bill to bring parity to all branches of the Armed Forces when it comes to full access to college tuition received unanimous support Friday.

Senate Bill 5826, sponsored by Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, ensures that all military members – including the men and women of the National Guard – have full access to higher education.

“Our citizen soldiers serve our country overseas and run towards disasters and calamities here at home,” said Hobbs, a National Guard member himself and veteran of the conflicts in Iraq and Kosovo. “This bill simply ensures that they too have the same full access to higher education as their counterparts in other branches of our military.”

The bill clarifies a law that had previously denied two members of the National Guard tuition waivers. The bill clarifies the language to make sure no National Guard members encounter similar problems in the future.

“The National Guard is always on a rotational basis with deployment,” Hobbs said. “This bill gives these members peace of mind while they are stationed at home.”