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Lake Stevens, Mill Creek score big in Olympia

March 31st, 2016|

Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, announced Wednesday that funding to replace the Lake Stevens City Hall and Civic Center is included in the 2016 capital budget.

The Lake Stevens City Hall and Civic Center have long been in need of an upgrade, Hobbs said. The 60-year-old portable buildings housing city staff are in disrepair and are unhealthy. Hobbs also said the growing community is in need of a central gathering place as Lake Stevens develops into a “residential and commercial hub of East Snohomish County.

“Lake Stevens is one of the county’s most rapidly growing cities and the people here demand that our facilities keep pace with that growth,” Hobbs said. “These upgrades, which were desperately needed, will reflect our status as a city on the rise.”

Hobbs also was able to secure funding to build a new parks and public works building in Mill Creek. This project will provide covered storage for housing specialized vehicles, equipment and supplies used for parks, street and water maintenance. These items are currently stored at Mill Creek City Hall, but that facility is crowded and lacks the necessary space to accommodate these items.

“This is another example of our community outgrowing our current facilities,” Hobbs said. “As we continue to grow and move forward, projects like this – that not only upgrade our facilities but create family wage construction jobs – will be the norm. It’s an exciting time to call Snohomish County home.”

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    Sen. Hobbs: Transportation budget is a ‘winner’ for Snohomish County

Sen. Hobbs: Transportation budget is a ‘winner’ for Snohomish County

March 9th, 2016|

Following up on the successful investments made in the transportation package from a year ago, Sen. Steve Hobbs announced numerous infrastructure improvements coming to Snohomish County and surrounding areas.

“The transportation budget is definitely a winner for Snohomish County,” said Hobbs, the Senate Democrats’ lead transportation budget negotiator. “These investments are fantastic news for our economy, job creation and public safety.”

Included in the supplemental transportation budget passed on Tuesday night are:

• Funding for a study that will put Snohomish County on the path toward a replacement of the trestle at the U.S. 2 trestle covering SR 204 and 20th St.
• Consolidation of I-5 peak hour use lanes and I-5/SR 529 projects into one project. This will save $2.53 million.
• Widening and interchange improvements for SR 522 project at Paradise Rd.
• Alleviate a chokepoint for a portion of southbound I-5 Lynnwood between the Lynnwood Transit Center and Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station.
• A study to help alleviate traffic congestion on SR 522 and SR 104.