Senate girds for special session

April 27th, 2011|

The Legislature convened Tuesday April 26, 2011 for a
special session to complete the final negotiations on the
state budgets for the 2011/13 biennium and to pass the
dozens of bills that are necessary to implement the budget
due to their various fiscal impacts.
Under state law, a special session can last no more than 30
days but can be convened as quickly as the Legislature
completes its remaining business.
The work left is three-fold:
 Any bills that failed to win passage through both
chambers during the regular session now revert to
their chamber of origin and must be passed again
before they can be considered in the other chamber
and sent to the governor to be signed into law.
 The Ways and Means committees in both the
Senate and House must hold hearings on the
remaining bills that fiscally impact the budgets.
 The Senate and House must reconcile the
differences in their budget proposals and any policy
bills that passed both chambers but with differing