OLYMPIA – A rally and march to call for action on gun safety measures will be held in Seattle Friday, where Sen. David Frockt, D-Seattle will speak at the conclusion of the march that will earlier include Trudi Inslee, Washington’s First Lady, and parents and advocates of gun safety.

“When Melinda put her daughter on the school bus the day after the Roseburg shooting, she knew she had to do something to prevent further tragedies in our schools and communities,” said Frockt. “That is why she organized today’s march. We are gathering together to say to Seattle and Washington that we can all play a role in preventing gun violence.”

Frockt is a long-time advocate for common sense gun safety legislation, and was the prime sponsor of the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill in the 2015 session (SB 5727). This bill addresses the intersection of mental health and access to guns. The vast majority of the public, including gun owners, support keeping guns out of the hands of those who pose a risk to others.

The bill would create a means of protection for someone who poses a significant threat to themselves or others by having access to a gun. A family member or law enforcement officer may petition the court for an Extreme Risk Protection order to be issued the same day if the individual poses an immediate risk, effective for 14 days. It would also create a Final Risk Protection order, effective for a year, if the court finds cause for issuance by clear, cogent and convincing evidence during a court hearing of a threat.

“We know there are common sense measures we can take in this state to intervene before a tragedy happens,” Frockt added. “We have to create a movement to make the changes that we all know need to occur. That is why I wanted to participate today.”