Sen. David Frockt, D-Seattle, released this statement today regarding the status of funding for K-12 schools across the state:

“This past session we passed some measures to address the funding gap, but I would describe them as modest at best and a far cry from what the Supreme Court ruled that our schools and students actually need.

“We had a plan on our side of the aisle for fully funding education. Senate Bill 6574, the Democratic bill that I co-sponsored, would have proposed a full plan for implementing basic education funding, including compensation reform, by 2018. That bill should play a key role in setting the terms of the debate moving forward.

“Reforms can be helpful, but only if they’re realistic reforms and not just unfunded mandates or ideological attacks on government that have nothing to do with what happens in our classrooms. Our schools and students need real-world reforms that pencil out, not rhetorical posturing or political game-playing.”