The Department of Enterprise Services is currently seeking community input on long-term goals and objectives for Capitol Lake. Your input can be provided by completing the online survey on the Capitol Lake webpage. Please note: This survey is only open until April 28.

Recurring themes on long-term goals from past input include:

  • Maintain recreational opportunities
  • Consider long-term costs and economic impacts
  • Improve sediment management
  • Improve fish and wildlife habitat
  • Improve water quality
  • Reduce flood risk, and more

The executive workgroup is made up of local and tribal government representatives working on long-term planning for Capitol Lake/Deschutes estuary, and received a briefing at the April 22 meeting on how the long-term goals and objectives for Capitol Lake evolved from 1999-2009. The workgroup will discuss how these goals may be articulated today. A summary of past input on goals and objectives may be found on the Capitol Lake website.

Enterprise Services manages the 260-acre reservoir known as Capitol Lake as part of the 486-acre Capitol Campus.