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Fraser honors legacy of women in the Legislature

March 9th, 2014|


OLYMPIA – The Washington State Senate on Saturday unanimously approved a resolution honoring the rich history of women serving in the state Legislature.

“Today, we take for granted the fact that women are members of the state Legislature. Nobody thinks it is unusual, but that wasn’t always the case and we should always remember that,” said Karen Fraser, D-Olympia. “Women have made remarkable progress, especially in the last 40 years.”

Sen. Fraser notes that statistics show that a large majority of women elected to the Washington State Legislature, to statewide elective office in Washington, and to the U.S. Senate and House from Washington State have been Democrats.

Women currently make up 32 percent of the Legislature. In the late 1990s, Washington had the highest percentage of women in its Legislature of any state in the nation. In 1999-2000, women made up 40 percent of the state Legislature.

“In recent years, the percentage of women serving in state legislatures around the country has declined, so we need to continue to strongly encourage women to run for elected office,” Fraser said.

Quick facts

  • Currently, women make up 32 percent of the Washington State Legislature. There are 18 women in the Senate (10 Democrats and eight Republicans) and 29 women in the House (21 Democrats and eight Republicans).
  • As of 2014, 257 women have been elected to the Washington State Legislature since the first two women were elected in 1912.
  • Twelve women from Washington have been elected to U.S. Congress and five currently serve (three Democrats and two Republicans).
  • Currently, 1,784, or 24.2 percent, of the 7,383 state legislators in the U.S. are women. Democrats hold 1,136, or 64 percent, of those seats.
  • In 2014, […]

Fraser receives Distinguished Leader Award

March 3rd, 2014|

OLYMPIA – Sen. Karen Fraser, D-Olympia, was recently honored with the Distinguished Leader Award by Leadership Thurston County and the Thurston County Chamber Foundation. Fraser was honored for her years of public service as an elected official representing Thurston County communities and her advocacy of issues that matter to our community and beyond. Fraser received the award during a reception at the Red Lion Hotel on Feb. 26.