Dear Constituents and friends,

The End…

At 7:30 am, Wednesday, April 11, the final gavel came down on the very difficult 2012 legislative session.  We were "on the Floor" for about 22 hours the last day, as final negotiations on remaining controversial bills and budget items took place. 

I would describe that all-night session as an "ordeal" and "grueling."  But, we were determined to get DONE—and we did! 

Here’s a quick report on legislative action.

Capital Budget — Jobs Budget

Projects funded in our area include:



Safe Place – new building



Camp Quixote – low income housing
pilot project



Legislative Building Dome and other exterior repairs



Chehalis Basin Flood Control



Military Department’s Thurston County Readiness Center



Loan to LOTT for Stormwater Primary
Sedimentation Basins



Tumwater Valley regional stormwater facility



Lacey Vactor Waste Decant Stormwater Facility



Olympia & South Puget Sound
Community College, stormwater retrofit



Summit Lake fishing access ramp,
parking and gates

Transportation Budget

The nearly $9.8 billion transportation budget maintains current levels of service and ensures uninterrupted work on current projects for the remainder of the biennium, so that the Legislature can use the next biennium to address the structural deficiencies behind the state’s declining gas tax revenues.

Locally, your 22nd District Legislative Delegation worked hard to assure that improvements to the I-5 corridor for traffic impacts associated with JBLM expansion will include the Martin Way interchange and the Marvin Road interchange.

Operating Budget

A summary and highlights of the Operating Budget are available online:

   Some highlights:

· K-12 and higher education – NO CUTS for the first time in years (except for some small centralized service reductions).

· Funds Initiative 1163 homecare working training.

Bills passed

We passed a total of 290 bills.  Here is a link to summaries of them:

Thanks for staying engaged in our government and the political process.  As always, please send me an email or give me a call to share your thoughts and concerns about state government.