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Sen. Fraser’s e-newsletter – Feb. 13, 2012

February 13th, 2012|

Dear Friends,

Deadlines, deadlines…

The Legislature is moving quickly through a series of major deadlines, and the pace is truly intense. 

Fiscal bills deadline. Tuesday last week was the cut-off for bills to be reported out of fiscal committees.  As a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, I can report that we were exceptionally busy considering so many bills—-ranging from modest spending increases, spending cuts, spending reprioritization, improved cost-effectiveness of services, and assistance for local governments. 

The exception to this fiscal deadline is bills “necessary to implement the budget” (NTIB), which will be considered after the new state revenue forecast coming out Thursday, February 16. 

Chamber of Origin deadline.  The next big deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14, at 5 pm.  This is the deadline for bills to pass their “Chamber of Origin”—meaning the deadline for Senate Bills to pass the Senate and House Bills to pass the House.  Again, NTIBs are exempt from this deadline. 

Bills passed to date.  So far, the Senate has passed about 140 bills and the House has passed over 200 bills.  We are working steadily as the February 14 deadline approaches, so these numbers will increase.

The next deadlines.  After Tuesday’s deadline, two processes will take center stage: 

(1) Consideration of the other Chamber’s bills.  Each Chamber’s policy committees will be considering bills that passed the other Chamber—-Senate Committees will consider House Bills and House Committees will consider Senate Bills.

The deadline for this Committee action is:  Friday, February 24. If any bills coming out of Committee have fiscal impacts, fiscal committees have until Monday, February 27 to act on them.

(2) The budgets.  The state’s operating, capital, and transportation budgets and bills related to them, which are exempt from all cut-off dates.

Friday, March […]

Sen. Fraser’s e-news update 2/8/12

February 8th, 2012|

Sen. Fraser’s e-newsletter – Feb. 3, 2012

February 3rd, 2012|

Dear friends,

This has been a major week in the Senate.  We passed two major pieces of legislation, and today is the first major deadline of the Session-the deadline for bills to be reported out of policy committees.

Marriage Equality

As you likely learned through the news media, the Senate passed SB 6239, which allows “same sex” marriage. Attached is a summary of the bill.   The bill emphasizes separation of church and state, and independence of churches, in a variety of ways.  The vote was 28-21.  I voted in support because I think community life is better with more people in committed, caring relationships. 

I was proud of the high caliber of the debate in the Senate on this issue.  Senators demonstrated great respect for each other, and for arguments on both sides of the issue.  Senators truly lived up to the highest of standards of respectful debate on this issue which generates such strong emotions, and which draws on such great diversity of Members’ and their constituents’ life experiences.


The debate was watched on Television Washington (TVW) by thousands of people not only here in Washington, but also throughout the world.  To view the debate, here is a LINK to TVW archives.  


The Senate also voted to approve EHCR 4409 which adopts the new Congressional and Legislative District boundaries, as recommended by the State Redistricting Commission. 


The US Constitution requires adjustment of these, and some local jurisdictional election district boundaries, every 10 years, following compilation of National Census data.  This year, because Washington’s population is growing faster […]