Sen. Fraser’s e-newsletter – Jan. 27, 2012

January 27th, 2012|

The legislative session is proceeding at an exceptionally active pace. Legislators have been busy finalizing and introducing bills, participating in legislative hearings on important issues, considering options to address the revenue and budget crisis, and meeting with and hearing from constituents on a wide variety of issues.

With the "Snowmageddon" storm last week, in spite of transportation and electrical power problems, the Legislature did continue to meet and make progress. The snow and ice storm was definitely disruptive, but also added some special beauty to the Capital Campus. Employees of the Department of Enterprise Services and the Legislature did great jobs keeping the Campus as accessible as possible and helping visitors. Legislative staff did outstanding work keeping the legislative process progressing in spite of all.

Here’s a representative photo of what the Campus looked like.   


Thank you to each of you who have contacted me on issues before the Legislature.  I appreciate very much your caring about the future of our community and state, your opinions, and your helpful information.  Be assured that I get all of my messages every day, thanks to my capable staff.  It’s essential to doing my job to know what constituents think.

You might be interested to know on which issues I’ve received the greatest amount of input from constituents.  They include:  the need for revenue to reduce devastating budget cuts; making the tax structure more fair for middle and lower – income people; preserving Basic Health Plan and other health care support for low-income people; marriage equality; fair treatment for state employees; K-12 education funding; ending the death penalty; dental practitioners licensing; and banning plastic bags.