OLYMPIA – Sen. Jeannie Darneille, D-Tacoma, was today elected by her peers in the Senate Democratic Caucus to serve as the chair of the Human Services & Corrections committee for the 2018 Legislative Session. Over the last five years, Darneille has served as the minority-ranking democratic member on the committee.

“I am honored to be elected chair of the committee and continue our work to improve the lives of the poor, disabled, and disenfranchised,” said Darneille. “The issues addressed by this committee represent the heart and social safety net of our state. How will our state respond to individuals experiencing homelessness, those in need of mental health treatment, children in foster care, or youth involved with the juvenile justice system? This committee has the good fortune of always having a bipartisan working relationship regardless of the majority party. I will continue to have an open and inclusive decision making process as the chair. We must work together on these jointly-held values to improve lives for children and families in our state. I am ready to work with my colleagues to help empower all Washingtonians and their families.”

Darneille will continue to serve on the Senate Law & Justice committee and the Ways & Means Committee.

After winning a critical special election in the 45th Legislative District earlier this month, Democrats gained a one-seat majority in the Senate. In the majority, Democrats will set the agenda of Senate committees and will determine which bills will be brought forward for votes.