Darneille: “This budget restores recession-era cuts made to low-income individuals, families, and disabled”

June 29th, 2015|

The Washington State Senate passed Senate Bill 6052, a $38.2 billion biennial Operating Budget that increases access to higher education, invests in early learning, restores recession-era cuts to the safety net, and fully funds the collective bargaining agreements for our state’s public employees. The budget passed 38 to 10 in the Senate and later passed 90 to 8 in the House.

Sen. Jeannie Darneille, D- Tacoma, issued the following statement after voting in favor of the budget:

“While I still have grave concerns of how we sustainably fund our state’s educational system, it can’t go without notice that this budget restores deep cuts made to low-income individuals, families, and the disabled during the years of the recession.

“Critical human services programs are funded in this budget include the Early Childhood Educational Assistance Program (ECEAP), Working Connections Child Care, food banks and the state food assistance program, and shelters among many other essential services. Increases to vendor rates for those who care for the developmentally disabled and those who provide services for our most frail in adult family homes are also included. Republicans also backed down on proposed cuts to our court system, including providing legal services to the poor.

“This budget passed with less than 36 hours to spare before a partial state government shutdown. The panic and anxiety that the creation of this budget caused many Washingtonians is unacceptable. Without a state budget the people who depend on the safety net would have been in danger. Without taking further cuts, I am pleased that the human services safety net will not be disrupted by a state shutdown, as it remains essential to low-income individuals, families and those who are disabled.”