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Sen. Maralyn Chase



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Agriculture, Water, Trade & Economic Development

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Yesterday marked the passing of yet another legislative hurdle – the deadline to pass bills from the House of Representatives. With the regular session scheduled to end in about 10 days, there remains many legislative issues to be resolved before we are finished.


I would like to introduce you to my new legislative aide, Remy Golla. He most recently served as my session aide and I am very pleased that he has taken on this new position. Remy is from Lynnwood and knows our district very well. Please join me in welcoming him to the new role!

An update on Fircrest School

The Fircrest School located in our district offers an incredibly important space for about 200 people with developmental disabilities to live in a safe, residential setting. Regrettably, nearly every budget cycle over the last few years has attempted to close the state-run facility. This year is no exception. So far, those of us who strongly oppose closing Fircrest have stopped the bill from coming to a vote on the Senate Floor. The Senate Republican operating budget relies on the closing of Fircrest and the sale of the land to balance their budget.

I do not believe that a budget that balances on a real estate grab and on the backs of the most disabled in our community is moral. I will continue to fight to keep Fircrest open for those in our community who call it home.

An update on where we are in amply funding K-12 educationclassroom

At this point, both the House and the Senate have passed their versions of the operating budget and have laid out their plans for funding education. These plans are very different. The Senate plan relies on funding education by eliminating funding for critical programs that help our most vulnerable people including those who are homeless, living with a disability, or those living on a fixed income. In contrast, the House plan supports our most vulnerable and amply funding education. They do this by raising revenue in a way that does not place the tax burdens solely on our low-income and middle class families. I am hopeful that both chambers will come to an agreement on how to amply fund our kids without decimating our essential human services programs.


Tax Fact: Did you know that of the taxes collected statewide, 60 percent of Washington’s working families pay a majority of the taxes? This tells me that it isn’t about whether you live in an urban or rural area, on the eastern side of the state or the west – we have a broken tax system that needs to be updated. Have you seen the most recent episode of Tax Talk? Click here to watch the video. (Image source: Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy)

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