The transportation revenue package passed today by the Senate includes funds to improve the intersection of SR 523 and 14th Street and to reduce congestion on SR 524 from 48th Ave. W to 37th Ave. W, Sen. Maralyn Chase, D-Shoreline, announced today.

As details of the package were negotiated jointly between the House and Senate, the House is expected to pass the package as well and Gov. Inslee has said he plans to sign the package into law.

“These are priority projects that will make travel on these roads smoother and safer,” Chase said. “These will bring important improvements to our 32nd District.”

In particular, Chase said, the SR 524 project will reduce congestion by adding multimodal capacity, including business access and transit lanes in each direction, undergrounding of overhead utilities, and new traffic signals.

The overall $31 billion revenue package will create 100,000 jobs and complete major state projects along SR 520 and SR 167 and other regional bottlenecks, Chase said.