Sen. Chase: “We must put a stop to the reckless practices of Big Ag”

September 13th, 2013|

Sen. Maralyn Chase, D-Shoreline, issued the below statement regarding the recent news that a Washington farmer had his alfalfa rejected for export after it tested positive for genetically modified materials.

“Our state’s farmers are becoming collateral damage of the reckless practices of the agriculture industry in this country. As a result, their farms are put in danger and our state stands to lose literally millions – if not billions – of dollars in lost exports if their practices are allowed to continue.

“More than 60 of our trade partners throughout the world have bans on the import of unlabeled GMO foods. Just recently, a similar case involving wheat contaminated with GMO material grown in Oregon prompted Japan and South Korea to temporarily cease imports from our southern neighbors.

“As a trade-dependent state, Washington and its farmers can no longer tolerate the reckless practices of Monsanto and other bad actors.

“Negative news about contamination problems are absorbed into the market and reflected across the board. It’s a real world effect that impacts the price farmers get for their crops and hurts them and our state as a whole.”