Washington State women legislators welcome Deputy Minister of the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy to Olympia

July 3rd, 2013|

WiLL State Director Senator Maralyn Chase recently welcomed Dr. Askin Asan, the Deputy Minister of the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy in Olympia and our state’s capitol.

Dr. Asan, a former parliamentarian in the Turkish legislature, was tapped to become the Deputy Minister two years ago as part of the leadership team of the newly established Ministry. Dr. Asan visited the State of Washington on the occasion of the graduation of her son from the University of Washington and was welcomed by State Senators Chase, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Jeannie Darnielle and Karen Fraser.

Sen. Kohl-Welles is one of our nation’s foremost experts on legislation outlawing human trafficking. Sen Darnielle is our state’s expert in family and social policy and Sen. Fraser, Chair of Senate Democratic Caucus and noted international parliamentarian, all welcomed Dr. Asan for an exchange of views on public policy and developing joint advocacy points on issues of common concern.

WiLL members have participated in and have hosted international meetings of legislative exchange with women Parliamentarians from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco over the past two years.

WiLL brings women’s voices to the political tables of power at the state and federal levels to support national priorities that serve our constituents, our states, and our nation. WiLL is a program of WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions) that seeks to empower women to act politically to reduce militarism and to redirect excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs.