Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, will lead the Senate Democrats into the majority and identified some important issues they plan to address in January 2018. (TRT: 82) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


On Monday, the Washington State Senate Democrats elected the leadership and chairs of committees ahead of the 2018 Legislative Session. Senator Sharon Nelson of Maury Island will continue to lead democrats in the majority as soon as elections are certified in early December. Nelson identified some of the most important issue areas the caucus will take up in January.

Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island: (TRT: 46) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “First and foremost we need to pass the Capital Budget. It’s a $4.3 billion dollar investment in rural, suburban and urban communities across this state – it’s 19,000 jobs. Secondly, we really need to protect women in this time of the Trump Administration and look at what we can do to protect women’s reproductive health. We will be taking action on that. Additionally, taking a look at our LGBTQ community – there are things we can do to assist them.  We will be looking at elections and making them fairer. The Voting Rights Act is really important in the State of Washington. And, we will be looking at the dark money bill. People in this state have a right, a complete right, to know who is funding elections and when large corporations are coming in and trying to steal elections. We will pass that legislation.”

Over the last five years, Senate Republicans and one Democrat have controlled the state’s upper chamber. With the success of a Democrat in the 45th Legislative District special election, Democrats will soon take control of the Senate.

In Olympia, I’m Nicole Vukonich.