OLYMPIA – Under the state Senate Republican budget plan, property taxes would increase in school districts all across the state (TRT: 1:21) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD



While there is agreement from both Democrats and Republicans that revenue is needed to amply fund schools for Washington’s 1.1 million students and their teachers, it’s the source of revenue that is concerning for many in the legislature. Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Sharon Nelson of Maury Island is skeptical about the Senate Republican budget proposal.

Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island: TRT: (:16) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “They are selling this as an education plan. It is not an education plan; it is a property tax plan. They are saying it will benefit many, many districts. Well, actually there are a lot of districts are going to see their property taxes going up, not down under this plan.”

Under the Senate Republican’s $5.5 billion dollar property tax plan, by 2021, homeowners in all but three of the state’s 295 school districts will see a property tax increase if local voters approve 10 percent school levy rates.

For school districts in King County, this would mean the average increase in property tax would cost homeowners about $445 dollars per year. In Kitsap County, the average increase would be about $242 dollars; and in Kittitas County, the average property tax increase would be about $235 dollars per year.

The 30-day special session in Olympia will end on Tuesday.

In Olympia, Nicole Vukonich.