Despite passage of the supplemental operating budget in the Senate on Tuesday evening, Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, says that the budget still leaves a lot behind. (TRT: 0:59) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Following the passage of a supplemental operating budget, Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson of Maury Island shared her thoughts on the $38.2 billion budget deal.

Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island: (TRT: 0:34) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “This is a reasonable supplemental budget. There is additional funding for mental health, for addressing the crisis at Western State Hospital, but regretfully, it leaves a lot behind. We need further investments in K-12 education. This really focused on charter schools instead of our other million school kids. Additionally, for homelessness, which our caucus has been fighting for, we had the opportunity to take money that’s sitting in the bank, it’s called the Rainy Day Fund, and use it to invest in housing and support services for the homeless. The Republican Majority wouldn’t do so.”

The supplemental budget passed in the Senate 27 to 17 with 5 members excused. The Senate has adjourned and is not expected to be back in session until January of 2017.

In Olympia, Nicole Vukonich.