Sen. Sharon Nelson on Thursday urged the Legislature to allow the independent investigators examining the Department of Corrections early release error to continue their job without interference:

“The investigation into the appalling mistakes made at DOC are underway. I look forward to the findings of the former federal prosecutors handling the investigation so that we can fix and prevent situations like this from happening ever again. Unfortunately, based on recent statements made by Senate Republicans, it is clear that politics – not good government – are what’s at play here.

“The Legislature must tackle education funding, address the homelessness crisis that continues to grow in communities throughout Washington and focus on continuing to rebuild our economy. Our classrooms are in desperate need of teachers and we have just 57 days to address these issues. Let’s get to work.

“Our duty to the citizens of Washington is to ensure that government works and to fix it when it doesn’t. That is happening. I urge my Republican colleagues to join us in building a Washington for all, and to save the politics for November.”