Passage of Senate Bill 6145 will help up to 2,000 Washington high school seniors who met all their graduation requirements, except for passing the state’s high-stakes biology assessment. (TRT: 46) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


A high-stakes biology assessment nearly closed the door for up to 2,000 Washington high school seniors who wouldn’t have been able to receive their high school diplomas because of the failed test. Sen. Karen Fraser of Thurston County sponsored the bill to delay the state’s biology assessment as a graduation requirement for the next two years.

Sen. Karen Fraser, D-Thurston County: (TRT: 17) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “This will be a hallelujah day for a lot of families around our state and it will also allow the legislature and others that we work with to, uh, revisit the question of this test and maybe other tests too. We’ve been here an extra week but I think this bill makes it worth it.”

The bill will now head to the House of Representatives where a similar measure has passed three times during the legislative session.

At the state capitol in Olympia, Nicole Vukonich